Our Plan

We believe that this problem hasn’t been addressed due to a lack of attention and understanding of the problem. We have to shine a light on the lack of regulation for the dog care industry in Texas. 

To accomplish our mission to protect dogs and dog families in Texas, we need your help. 

Every day, stories like Pancho’s occur. Dogs are injured, killed, or lost while under the care of a dog care business. These stories need to be told. 

In an effort to motivate Texas lawmakers to make change, we are collecting video testimonials that will be shared with lawmakers, special interest groups, social media, and other channels that can help put a spotlight on this major issue.

Want to help? Here is what we are looking for:

Stories describing how a dog care business lost, hurt, or killed your dog. Specifically, businesses such as dog boarders, kennels, walkers, trainers, and groomers. If any of these types of businesses caused harm to your dog, please share the story. 

Some examples:

  • A groomer broke a dog’s back while trying to restrain it for grooming
  • A dog walking business had three dogs get loose during a “pack walk”, resulting in death or injury to all three dogs
  • A trainer left their clients’ dogs in the car, where they overheated and died
  • A dog daycare had a dog die under their watch, due to neglect

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