Pancho’s Promise started in 2021 after Paul and Maria Mecca’s dog, Pancho, died while under the care of a dog daycare business in Dallas, Texas. The business attempted to cover up Pancho’s death, lying to Maria & Paul, law enforcement, and their other customers. 

Despite video evidence showing that the business lied about what happened to Pancho, there was little that Maria and Paul could do.

Since dog care businesses are not regulated in any way, there was no regulatory office (such as the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) to report the business to. Since no license is required to operate these types of businesses, no license could be revoked. 

In other words, these businesses are not accountable for their actions. They can be directly responsible for hurting or killing dogs and continue operating their business as if nothing ever happened. They are not required to receive training, have insurance, or maintain a clean and safe facility. 

After suffering this tragedy and learning more about the lack of regulation and accountability in the dog care industry, Maria and Paul were motivated to act.

Pancho’s Promise is managed by Maria and Paul, along with an excellent support team that includes lawyers, state representatives, dog lovers, friends, and family. 

We work to protect dogs and dog families from the harm that dog care businesses far too often cause.

Pancho, Maria, Paul